dimarts, 23 de gener de 2018

TV shows 6th grade

Dear students and families!

If you take a look to our YouTube channel you will find some exciting TV SHOWS recorded by 6th grade students.

You can find different shows as music programmes, movies, cooking shows, etc.

Go to our YouTube channel and enjoy!

Recipes 5th grade

Hello students and families!

Do yo know that we have some professional chefs in our school?

Go to our YouTube channel and you will find some delicious recipes made by 5th grade students!!

dimarts, 31 d’octubre de 2017

Frequency Adverbs 5th Grade

Hello families!

In 5th grade students are learning some vocabulary about their time at home.

Also, they have learnt different adverbs of frequency.

Here you have some videos!

dimecres, 11 d’octubre de 2017

School Subjects 4th grade


In 4th grade students are learning some school subjects.

Which are their favourites? You can see it in the following videos!

divendres, 6 d’octubre de 2017

Let's practice commands!

This week we have practiced commands!



We have had a great time:)

6th graders practising some grammar

Hello families!

6th grade students are learning some grammar: The present continuous.

In order to improve their oral skills and their knowledge, we have recorded some videos practising the grammar structure.

You can see the results here:

dilluns, 4 de setembre de 2017

Welcome back!

Hello students!

Are you ready for the new academic year?

See you in a few days!

Mireia & Georgina