dimecres, 26 de març de 2014

Vocabulary games (from 3rd to 6th grade)

Dear students,
Here you have a web page with a lot of funny games and activities to learn and practice vocabulary. You can choose the topic that you want!

For 6th graders is a good way to practice for competències bàsiques.

Tell me... what's your favourite game? :)

 Click here to play!!!!

dilluns, 24 de març de 2014

Let's eat! 4th grade

Dear 4th graders,

Here you have the vocabulary games of the new unit. Let's play!!!


dijous, 20 de març de 2014

Unique buildings - 5th grade

Have you ever seen a restaurant inside a woman's skirt?

Have you ever seen a mosquee made of clay?

Can you imagine a big building with an embedded house on the top?

5th grade students have searched for information about unique buildings around the world. Here you have a poster with the result of their research!! :)

dilluns, 17 de març de 2014

The big numbers song - 4th grade

Hello students!

Here you have "the big numbers" song to practice numbers. Remeber!! You just need to learn numbers from 0 to 100 :)

divendres, 14 de març de 2014

Sports are great song - 3rd grade

Dear students!

Do you want to see our 3rd grade mates singing and dancing a nice song? 

Look at the videos and you will listen a lot of words related to sports.

And... CONGRATULATIONS to 3rd grade students for their great performances!!!! Nice job!!!!! :D


dijous, 13 de març de 2014

New look! :D

Dear students,
What do you think about the new look of our blog? Do you like it? :)
Leave your comments and share your opinion with the rest of the school!!

dimarts, 11 de març de 2014

Our city maps! 4th grade

Dear students!

Our mates of 4th grade have created some fantastic maps to practice the different places in the city.

In these videos they show us their maps...Which one is your favourite? 

Giving directions game - 5th grade

Hello 5th graders!

Now that you are experts in giving directions... Can you guess where am I?

You just need to follow the instructions...

The starting point is the parking lot. Turn right and go past Saturn Hotel and Getaway car rental. Turn left. Cross Clark Street. Go straight on until the traffic lights. Turn left. Go past the library. I'm on the right! =)

dijous, 6 de març de 2014

Sports are great! 3rd grade

Dear 3rd graders!

Here you have a video with the song and the lyrics of the new song "Sports are great".

I hope you like it and practice our dance a lot! :D