dimarts, 13 d’abril de 2010

I wanna be a star

Class 4th. reciting the poem.

Robin Hood Rap

Sally Cornejo and Ariadna Congost reciting the rap.

dijous, 11 de març de 2010


Look at the 3rd grade students!!!

dilluns, 25 de gener de 2010


These are a couple of videos of our students singing Christmas carols. Enjoy!

diumenge, 17 de gener de 2010

JACK - The Magic English Teacher

Last Thursday, January 14th 2010, a magician visited our school. The students of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year enjoyed the show very much! Some of the tricks we could see were:

-The Red Balls
-Three Ropes
-Circle or Square
-Cut the Paper
-Where is the Red Card
-Purse and Wallet
-Cups and Ball

We have had a great time!