divendres, 9 d’octubre de 2015

Ten little fingers 1st grade


In first grade we are learning how to count to ten....... even backwards! :)

In these videos you can see the students singing a song called "Ten little fingers". We hope you like it!

Adverbs of frequency - 5th grade

Hello everybody!

In 5th grade we are working on adverbs of frequency.

Do you want to know what 5th graders students do on their free time? Click on the following links! :)

dimarts, 29 de setembre de 2015

Penpals Project 6th graders

Hello everyone!

During this year, 6th grade students are going to do an Etwinning project with a finnish school!
We are going to send letters/e-mails to our partners in order to improve our writting skills. It's a funny way to learn how to write in English!

Here you can see our first letters:

dimarts, 15 de setembre de 2015

Welcome back!

Dear students!

We are very happy to see you again in this new academic year. Be ready to work very hard, to have fun and to learn a lot of English :)

See you soon in class!

Mireia & Txell

dijous, 28 de maig de 2015

Past tense 6th grade

Dear 6th graders,
Here you are a website to practise the past tense. It's a good way to practice for the test!


dilluns, 18 de maig de 2015

Body parts 1st grade

First graders are working hard in order to learn a lot of body parts. Here you have a video to practice the song "Head, shoulders, knees and toes".

Click on the picture to sing and dance! :)

And... do you want to see our students singing the song? Here you have some videos!

1st grade A

1st grade B



Dear students & families!!

We have made a fantastic video with the highlights of our first ENGLISH DAY!

Click on the picture to open it!

We hope you like it a lot :)

dijous, 16 d’abril de 2015

Our vegetable garden

Hello everybody!

As you know, in our school we have a beautiful vegetable garden. Second graders have been practicing some vocabulary about vegetables and fruits.

We have labeled all the plants in order to learn the names of the vegetables and fruits that we have in our vegetable garden.

Here's the result!! :) 

dimecres, 11 de març de 2015

And the winner is....


This lovely teddy will be our mascot in the next English Day!

Congratulations Alba (6th A)!!


Hello everybody!

On 27th February we celebrated our 1st English Day in the school. It was an amazing day! All the students and teachers talked in English... it was very cool!!!!

We shared experiences, games and activities with all the students. They also dessigned a mascot for our next ED. In a few hours you will know the winner!!! :)

The little ones learnt some songs: "5 little monkeys", "Incy Wincy spider" and "If you are happy.

Also, some of the students learnt and great choreography and they showed it to the youngest students of the school. 

It was a very special day and we are very happy! :)

Here you have some pictures of our ENGLISH DAY!


dijous, 29 de gener de 2015

Recipes project -5è

Hello everyone!

I'm very happy to announce that 5th graders are going to participate in a project about cooking recipes.

In this project, they will share some typical recipes to other schools. Our partners are from Greece, Italy and United Kingdom!!!!

We are very happy to participate in this project because it's a nice experience to know students from other countries!