divendres, 31 de gener de 2014

Interesting facts about the Solar System 5th grade

In the last Science class, 5th graders were learning interesting facts about the Solar System. 

They had to answer 18 questions using the information that was written in small cards... and the cards were hidden all over the English clas!!!!

 It was a funny activity and they learnt a lot!


What's the time? 6th grade

6th graders!!

Here you have a web to practice the time in a funny way!! :D

Remember that you can choose the speed. Try to do it as fast as you can!!

dimecres, 29 de gener de 2014

Vocabulary Story World 3rd grade

Dear students!

Here you have a web with a lot of games to practice the new vocabulary. I hope you like it!!


dijous, 23 de gener de 2014

More competències!!! 6th grade

Dear 6th grade students!

Here you have another web to practice. In this web you can find A LOT of easy listenings. You can find also the text and you can read it while you are listening. 


dijous, 16 de gener de 2014

Competències Bàsiques - 6th grade


Dear 6th grade students!!!
Here you have a web page to practice reading and comprehension skills. You can find a lot of different topics and you can choose the difficulty. You can start with level 1-2 and then increase the difficulty.

It's a good way to get prepared for the Competències exam!! Don't be scared!! You just need to work hard ;)


dimecres, 15 de gener de 2014

Months Hangman - 4th grade

Dear 4th grade students!

Here you have the web page where you can practice the months playing HaNGMaN!

Let's play!!!! ;)


dijous, 9 de gener de 2014

The Solar System - 5th grade science

Dear students,
Here you have the web pages that we have visited in class. You can explore them and learn a lot of new things!

1) http://www.solarsystemscope.com/

2)  https://solarsystem.nasa.gov/planets/index.cfm

Days of the week - 3rd grade

Hello everybody!
3rd grade students are working hard to learn a lot of new things: daily routines, the time and the days of the week.
Here you have a song that will help you to learn the days! :D


Birthday Calendar

In order to learn the months of the year, 4th grade students are making a Birthday Calendar. In pairs, they are drawing a picture related to each month: we have lots of hearts on February, flowers on April, happy kids in June (because the school is over! Hooray!!) and a nice Christmas tree on December.

You can see the process in the pictures! :)